Yacht Service

At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we understand the dire importance of having a yacht that is in good condition. We also know how strenuous it can be maintaining and servicing your yacht. And that is why where we come in. As a leading organisation, we step in to ensure that we meet all your yacht service needs adequately.

We make it our priority to deliver excellence to you. We prove this through the availability of our team of professionals. We ensure they are always on ground to ensure proper servicing and maintenance of your boats and yacht.

Our team at ABD Aluminium Yacht are adequately equipped to service your yacht frequently. They are also skilled at ensuring that your boat is in good condition. From electrical wiring down to changing of oil, you name it. Our level of service is nothing short of excellence.


What Do We Offer?

As a part of our servicing package, some of the activities that we cover include:

  • Checks and servicing of the air-conditioning system, the refrigeration, and all other electronics
  • If you use your yacht or boat for commercial purposes, we will conduct a visual check of your yacht rig.
  • Sails valeted
  • Checks and servicing of engines and generators

Occasionally, we also provide servicing of seacocks, thrusters, and propeller, shaft, and cutlass bearings. You would also be glad to hear our service also covers the replacement of anodes, polishing, and repainting of your yacht, as well as antifouling.

How Long Does A Yacht Service Take?

At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we advise our clients to bring their yacht or boat for service annually. Typically, we service boats or yacht for two weeks. This is to allow for proper application of antifouling paint while servicing all necessary parts properly, e.g. the thrusters, muddler, seacocks, propellers, etc.

However, this two-week period is not definite as it may take more time. This depends on the present condition of the yacht, as well as your plans for it.

Why Should You Do Your Boat Service with ABD Aluminium Yacht?

At ABD Aluminium yacht, we are very familiar with the technical know-how of boats and yachts. We also have at our beck and call a team of skilled professionals and technicians. This no doubt tips the scale in our favour.

On becoming our client, you provide a wide range of resources such as a warranty validation and a maintenance log that would allow you to follow the servicing process closely.

Finally, our reputation as a leading organisation precedes us. We render services that are nothing short of excellence. We have worked on highly prominent yacht brands, and from time, we consistently beat our standards. The best part is we will do all of these while not exceeding your financial budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not join in on the ride and enjoy world-class yacht service. Contact us today at ABD Aluminium Yacht. Let us help make your yacht maintenance dreams a reality.