As part of the various services ABD Aluminium Yacht offers, we also provide world-class crew training to marine enthusiasts. If you would like to work on a boat, ABD Aluminium Yacht is glad to help you achieve this dream.

We have at our disposal a standard academy that provides a Crew Training Programme that adequately equips you to take on a boat. It doesn’t just stop there. You also get access to the training course that would give you a professional qualification that’s internationally recognised.

At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we specialise in training that would help service the needs of the yacht industry. We also provide a professional service tailored to adequately cater for your training, while also maintaining utmost confidentiality.

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What Do We Offer?

At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we understand the importance of proper crew training. This is why we have an extensive program to accommodate our clients and ensure that you get properly trained. Some of the training we provide include:

Entry-Level Training

If you are looking to kick start your career in the yacht industry, we would be sure to recommend some introductory courses to you. This is what we call the entry-level training courses. At this stage, we get your familiarised with the basics of starting and pursuing a career in the yacht industry.

You would also get access to training manuals and a starting-out guide.

Lastly, because we make excellence our priority, we would also intimate you on the various departments you can specialise in becoming more grounded in your yachting career.

Some of our entry-level courses include:

  • RYA powerboat level 2
  • Entry-level deck week
  • Proficiency in designated security duties
  • Introduction to yachting
  • Personal safety and social responsibilities

E-learning Training Courses

In line with our culture of excellence, ABD Aluminium Yacht has fully developed online yacht training. This e-learning module comprises of comprehensive courses with interactive questions and exercises to answer as a test of knowledge gained from the classes.

The aim of this is to help you get familiar with the courses at your own pace and to strengthen your knowledge of that course.

As you know, at ABD aluminium yacht, your convenience is our priority. As such, we put into consideration the fact that e-learning is more convenient, less time consuming for you.

Some of the courses that are available to be taken online include the following.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Behavioural detection
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Typically, your certificate is valid for an average of 5 years, depending on the course. However, it must be revalidated upon updating your training.

You would be more than welcome to take a resit of the failed courses within 12 months after sitting for the original.

You can also resit for the exam as many times as possible, without having to retake the courses.

If you are looking to launch your career in the yachting industry, then registering for our crew training at ABD Aluminium Yacht is the first step in the right direction. Hurry up and join in on the adventure!