Second Hand

At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we understand how tricky it can be getting a second-hand boat. We know it’s quite vital for you to be able to determine a good one from a bad one. As such, we offer a comprehensive service that allows you to obtain second-hand yachts.

We understand that you do not want your busing experience to be a disaster. As such, we make you our priority as you begin the buying process. Our passion is to be at your service; so, we not only sell quality second-hand boats. We also secure the best transaction deal for you.


Buying A Second-Hand Boat from Us

In selling you a second-hand boat, there are specific actions we take. This is in your best interest as well as in the interest of protecting our reputation as a brand.

Identify the Boat You Need

At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we don’t just sell random boats to you. As part of our culture of delivering excellent services, we take time to find out your needs and how we can meet them.

We provide you with the available options tailored to your needs, and we explain how it matches your needs.

We also give you access to various information on the boat you are interested in buying, e.g. the boat’s history, inventory description, photos, and a general assessment of the boat.

All these we do to ensure you are adequately informed to make your choice when buying a second-hand yacht from us.

Due Diligence

One thing we boast of at ABD Aluminium Yacht is due diligence. We do extensive research into the private owner of the boat being entrusted to us to sell. We make sure that all-important documents are in order, such as the sales document, change of ownership. We ensure that we have the mandate to sell such a boat.

So, if you find your way to us to get a second-hand boat, be rest assured that we would conduct due diligence. This way, you run a low risk of ownership harassment in the future.

Visit, Survey, And Trial Run

For us, your satisfaction is our aim, which is why we afford you a chance to visit the boat and possibly take it for a test run.

With this proper assessment, you can have adequate confidence in the kind of product you are getting. You also get to ensure that you are getting value for your money.

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Change of Ownership

Finally, we take care of all paperwork. We do this after the final payment and delivery have occurred. We ensure you get a new certificate bearing your name as the owner of the boat.

Asides, being actively involved in selling the boat, we also offer incidental services largely linked to buying a second-hand boat. They include:

  • Transportation; moving it either by road or by sea to your desired location
  • Training and technical handover; in case you need to learn the ropes of your newly acquired vessel
  • Logistical support such as cleaning, mechanics, electric work, overall maintenance, etc.

If you have been looking to buy a second-hand boat, contact us today at ABD Aluminium Yacht for the best deals.