Custom Yachts

What is it that you need in a yacht? The chances are that the Custom Yacht has everything.

At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we have got the right Custom Yacht designed precisely for you. Our Custom Yachts are made of the best materials and by the best hands in the industry. Because our concerns transcend beyond selling you a Custom Yacht, we have made you our priority while ensuring that we have you in mind during the process of all-out yachts manufacturing.

Our Custom Yachts are powerfully designed with a combination of excellent durability and innovative design to provide you with an adventurous experience. Based on your financial capacity, we offer you the Custom Yacht that will satisfy your desire for a lifetime experience during your sea voyage. Since the best hands build all our yachts, we can always place a bet on the durability of each and every part of the Custom yacht you buy from us.

Our Custom Yachts come in different types and design to give you great experience throughout your voyage and add exclusive fun that you cannot get elsewhere. The Custom Yacht sale offerings we have for you are:


Christensen Custom Yacht

The Christensen Custom Yacht has been made with you in mind. It has a great exterior and interior outfit to grant you incredible comfort all through your journey.

It has an inboard MTU 8v4000 M60 engine delivering 1180 power horse. You can be sure of its speed and cruising power. It can provide up to 18.5 knots of maximum speed and a cruising speed of 10 knots.

Its price is pegged at 11, 900, 000 dollars.


Denison Custom Yacht

Selling for 795, 000 dollars, the Denison Custom Yacht is one of its kind. It has an aluminium hull material and a standard stabiliser. It has an inboard C32 caterpillar engine that delivers up to 1400 horsepower. With twenty-three knots maximum speed and eighteen knots cruising speed, you can be sure that your time on the sea would be fun-filled and fruitful sea adventure. The Denison Custom Yacht is always there for you to pick up your experience from last time.

Sanlorenzo Infinitas

The Sanlorenzo Infinitas offers you adventure without an end. It has a great interior and exterior design that gives you an aura of perfection each time you set out to voyage. You cannot replace the adventure you get with the Sanlorenzo Infinitas with anything else. It is perfection in and out. It has a set of modern navigation experience to give you confidence in all situations.

With a fibreglass hull material, it has an inboard MTU 16v2000 M19 engine delivering 1850 horsepower. It is also fitted with an air conditioning system and has four cabins.

This is everything you need to achieve your getaway goal. All you must do is reach out to us, and we will sort out everything for you in a jiffy.

If after getting to this point, you have not found your favourite custom yacht, don’t worry too much. The chances are that we have it in stock for you.

Asides this, our team of expert yacht builders work around the clock to satisfy our clients. All you must do is place your order by contacting us, and we would ensure you get value for every of your penny.