Whatever may be your voyage plan; whether starting from the Caribbean Sea to exploring the Mediterranean Islands, ABD Aluminium Yachts have the ideal Catamaran yacht that will offer you the best voyage experience.

We are experts in the manufacturing of Catamaran yachts that serve your needs on the sea. With significant years of experience, we take our time to ensure that every part of the Catamaran Yacht we build is fit for proper sea function.

We specially manufacture our Catamaran Yacht to give you a commendable performance and stability level with exciting speed and comfort in your sea voyage. It has a luxurious interior and a glamourous exterior built with mathematical accuracy.

As professional yacht manufacturers, we have varieties of Catamaran yacht that have been built specially for you. If you’re wondering which Catamaran Yacht you need to go for, don’t worry more. We have them here for you.

All you must do is pick from the types we have in stock and reach out to us. If you don’t find your desired Catamaran yacht on this list, don’t fidget. Just let us know, and we will get it ready for you in no time.


Catamaran Samana 59

The Catamaran Samana 59 yacht has been designed to grant you great experience and luxury on your sea voyage. It has a lot of space to satisfy your accommodation and creative needs, leaving you to desire more lot of the experience.

It has a length of 59.74 ft, a standard power of 2 x 110 HP – 2 x 110 CV. Its fuel capacity is 317 US gallons.

With enough space for everyone, the Catamaran Samana 59 is all that you need for pleasurable family time.


Ocean Class

The Ocean Class Catamaran puts you in a class of enjoyment and enviable luxury while you navigate the ocean. It is a highly classy catamaran yacht, with luxury being one of its selling points. It has been designed with great precision and absolute reverence for perfection. This explains why the Ocean Class is only available for those who know the value of bursting out into freedom and luxury on the high sea. This can only be your best bet for luxury, class, and comfort during your adventure.

For the engine, it runs on a 2 x 45cv or 57cv/hp and has all necessary technological and innovative gadget fit properly in it.

Catamaran Astrea 42

Our professional manufacturers build the Catamaran Astrea with you in mind. It has a great deal of comfort to offer you for every voyage you take. If you cherish great family time, then this is the best fit for you. Even if you just like to get away, the Catamaran Astrea is still the best for you.

Regardless of your location, this catamaran Astrea will serve your purpose, providing a great company throughout your voyage.

It is very strong with great innovations and technology advancement procedures embedded in it to give you a fun-filled experience all through the voyage.

There is more catamaran yacht up for display. So, just in case this you don’t seem to find what you want, just reach out to us. We will sort it out and get you a great deal in the shortest possible time.