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Welcome to ABD Aluminium – We offer more for little 

At ABD Aluminium, we are manufacturer of yachts ranging across different categories. Our yachts are a result of a world-class production and engineering system that delivers high-quality boat every time. We also provide extensive service to boat owners to ensure that they enjoy the best possible experience with their ships. You can trust us to handle your boat production.

You can contact us today to get started on a fun-filled adventure on the sea through our boats.

Our Products

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At Aluminium, our Sailboats are powerfully built so all part of it can work simultaneously to give you a pleasant experience during your adventure. We have combined innovative design with luxury and excellent durability to provide you witha royalty experience.

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Whatever may be your voyage plan; whether starting from the Caribbean Sea to exploring the Mediterranean Islands, ABD Aluminium Yachts have the ideal Catamaran yacht that will offer you the best voyage experience. We are experts in the manufacturing of Catamaran yachts that serve your needs on the sea.

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Motor Yachts

There are fantastic ways to get away from your everyday lifestyle. One of such ways is by owning a Motor Yachts. The ultimate luxury that a motor yacht offers you makes you forget your worry in an instant. You get to enjoy comfort and freedom at the same time.

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At ABD Aluminium yacht, we offer you access to excellent quality one-off yachts that are built from scratch to finish by the renowned experts in the industry to suit all your pleasurable voyage needs. With every of our one-off yacht, we ensure there is an agreement between great speed, superior design, and durable engines.

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Custom Yachts

At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we have got the right Custom Yacht designed precisely for you. Our Custom Yachts are made of the best materials and by the best hands in the industry. Our Custom Yachts are powerfully built with a combination of innovative design and excellent durability to give you an adventurous experience.

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Living your dream holiday in our custom yacht is something to feel excited about. You deserve all the luxuries of life. However, you might just get hindered by the enormous financial commitment that comes with it. Now, that does not have to be the case anymore. You can now surmount the financial difficulties that come with getting a boat using boat finance.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services that ensures your experience with your boat is hassle-free. They include:

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Yacht Service

At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we understand the dire importance of having a yacht that is in good condition. We also know how strenuous it can be maintaining and servicing your yacht. As a leading organisation, we step in to ensure that we meet all your yacht service needs adequately.

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As part of the various services ABD Aluminium Yacht offers, we also provide world-class crew training to marine enthusiasts. If you would like to work on a boat, ABD Aluminium Yacht is glad to help you achieve this dream.

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At ABD Aluminium Yacht, we understand how tricky it can be getting a second-hand boat. We know it’s quite vital for you to be able to determine a good one from a bad one. As such, we offer a comprehensive service that allows you to obtain second-hand yachts.

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Why Choose Us at ABD Aluminium

We ask you to join our family of bespoke yacht experience today. With us, you can bank on the following.

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State of the Art Technology

Our manufacturing process enjoys the advantage of state-of-the-art technology. We perform our operations with the best machines, material, and processes to ensure we get the best result from the whole production process. With us, you can expect a computerised system that ensures perfection up until the most minute detail.

High Quality

Our computerised and industry-leading production process ensures that we can guarantee high-quality delivery. Our boats are also fitted with industry-leading technology to ensure that you have got value for your money.

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Our products and services are not only top-notch, but they also come at an affordable rate that you can take advantage of. With us, you get more for paying little.

Continuous Support

Our service offering comes with continuous support. You can always bank on us to assist you with boat needs. Even with this, our delivery maintains the same high-quality service that we are renowned for.

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Location: We are in Australia

You can reach out to us through our contact page.