Sailboats are a great companion any time of the season. No matter what you choose to do with them on the sea or where you choose to go, they are always there to make sure you have a great time.

At ABD Aluminium, our Sailboats are powerfully designed so all part of it can work simultaneously to give you a pleasant experience during your adventure. We have combined innovative design with luxury and astounding durability to provide you with a royalty experience.

Deciding to purchase from us implies not agonising over the state of your SAILBOAT, we guarantee we offer you the very best. Whatever your desire in Sailboat maybe, we request that you have confidence that with us, you obtain the best deal.

Our sailboats come with necessary tools and equipment to make up for your home. Suppose you ever are on the ocean and looking all lost. In that case, you don’t have to stress over your area, or how you will discover your direction, our sailboats have been uncommonly fitted with present-day route frameworks and GPS to help you find your ways regardless of how poorly the location was designed.

Our Sailboats are also with charging ports (USB) that we power with inverters to provide you with a loosening uptime and guarantee that you get all the energy that you require in the most secure way possible. We don’t slack in mechanical headway, so we also ensure that every one of our sailboats is additionally fitted with current innovative gadgets to make you feel at home even when far from home.

At ABD Aluminium, we offer quality sailboats that can meet every of your water needs. We give you enduring and sturdy sailboats for every of your entertainment and adventure. You can browse through our list of different sailboats to make a choice.a


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

When you think of experiencing sailing at its finest, think of the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 with a superb style and body built in a way to make you feel in your comfort zone even while sailing. If sailing is one of your hobbies, then you would want to check this out.

It runs on a Yanmar inboard engine delivering 21 horsepower while sailing. Because it is from us, it has some factory fitted materials like; a graphite steering wheel cover, Guard rail gates and many others. This shows that the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey is the right sailing boat for you.


1989 Macarini

The 1989 Macarini is a motorsailer sailboat. If you love to get ahead faster, then this might be why you have been looking for in a sailboat. It is durable, strong, and specially built to make you convenient when sailing even in the sea tides. So, if you love to combine comfort with exceptional speed for a sailboat, you should look no further than the 1989 Macarini.

It delivers 400 horsepower on a Cummins 855cl engine that can last for 5275 hours.

As always, this list does not exhaust the various yachts and sailboats we have. If you need a different sailboat, we are just a click away. Our sale representatives are specially trained to give quality service in the shortest time possible.