Motor Yachts

There are fantastic ways to get away from your everyday lifestyle. One of such ways is by owning a Motor Yachts.

The ultimate luxury that a motor yacht offers you makes you forget your worry in an instant. You get to enjoy comfort and freedom at the same time. Plus, you want the advantage of the incredible speed that it offers you.

Our motor yachts deliver on high speed and stable performance with a breathtaking interior and exterior design and an exciting and pleasurable comfort. We build them with precision to give you your desired perfection in any of your sea voyages. In essence, with our motor yacht, you enjoy a great adventure, luxury, and accommodation all rolled into a lifetime experience.

Because highly skilled professionals handle all our production processes, you can place your absolute trust in the finished motor yachts.

If you want to have a feel of our motor yacht arsenal, take your time and browse through our gallery below. Here are some of the best motor yachts our experts have taken time to build. Depending on your preference and budget, we will get you a deal for the ideal motor yacht. Look for yourself;


Dr No No

Say no to a boring sea voyage with the 50 meters Dr No No motor yacht. It has a superb interior and exterior design that offers excellent comfort. With five cabins, the Dr No No motor yacht can accommodate up to ten people.

If you are curious about its engine speed, let’s tell you that it runs on caterpillar engines of 1978 horsepower delivering a maximum speed of eighteen knots and a cruising speed of sixteen knots.

Its price comes at €7,950,000.



The Luminosity motor yacht offers you the best you can ever get in a motor yacht. As one of the most luxurious motor yachts, you get to relish in comfort and convenience all through your voyage experience.

It has diesel-electric propulsion with a battery bank that can enable up to 12-hours silent operation at anchor. With speed, it can deliver a maximum speed of sixteen knots and a cruising speed of ten knots.

It goes for € 250, 000, 000.



The Yersin is a seventy-seven-meter long motor yacht, with superb design and admirable luxury to give you an eventful sea adventure.

It has a steel hull and runs on a 2X caterpillar engine capable of delivering 2011 horsepower.  Some of its features include swimming pool, beach club, scuba diving, gym and many more.


Dreamland Yacht

Just like the name, the dreamland yacht has a unique way of taking you far away into your dreamland. With it, you can achieve your dream of a memorable adventure on the sea.

We have manufactured the dreamland yacht with every bit of detail. It has a composite hull and runs on a 1x caterpillar engine delivering 250 horsepower. It boasts of a maximum speed of 10.5 knots and a cruising speed of 8.5 knots. It is everything you need in a yacht to make your dream a reality.

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